We can create customized presentations that can educate any audience on the following pharmaceutical (Rx) and regulatory topics:


  • Licensing/Permitting requirements including the Health Care Clinic Establishment (HCCE) permit.
  • Transaction Documents (aka Pedigree Papers or T3 Documents).
  • Purchasing, storage, handling and recordkeeping requirements for pharmaceutical (Rx) products.
  • Update on Florida House Bill 21 regarding the new regulations on controlled substances.

We’re available for study clubs, district/local dental society meetings, and industry meetings including dental wholesalers, manufacturers, and DSOs. Please click below or call 651-260-0971.



Eric Hanson

Author Eric Hanson

Florida DentalRx provides consulting services to dentists and their staff located in Florida regarding the licensing, purchasing, storage and recordkeeping requirements for pharmaceutical (Rx) products and Controlled Substances.

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