2-Hour On-Site Training

While webinars provide a cost and time-effective solution, on-site consultations allow face-to-face discussions and engagement which leads to a more collaborative approach for learning. Statutes and regulatory language can be difficult to interpret. Being on-site gives us a better sense on who’s understanding the content being discussed.  Once your 2-hour on-site training is scheduled and confirmed, you’ll need to complete a short client questionnaire about your dental practice so your training is specific to your practice’s needs and situation. If you decide that an on-site consultation would be the best option for you, please click below or call 651-260-0971.


  • Travel expenses are not included. An estimate will be provided to you once your appointment is confirmed.
  • A deposit of $100 must be paid once your 2-Hour on-site training is scheduled and confirmed.
  • Your deposit will be forfeited if you cancel your on-site training with less than a 5-day notice.
Price: $600

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Florida DentalRx provides consulting services to dentists and their staff located in Florida regarding the licensing, purchasing, storage and recordkeeping requirements for pharmaceutical (Rx) products and Controlled Substances.

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