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Pharmaceutical regulatory compliance is complex, detailed, and ever-evolving. All dental practices regardless of size must comply with Federal and State laws pertaining to the licensing, purchasing, storage, handling, and recordkeeping of pharmaceuticals (Rx) and controlled substances if applicable. Our goal at Florida DentalRx is to provide custom-tailored consulting services that will help our clients understand what these laws and regulations mean and how they affect their individual practice(s). Most importantly, we will provide our clients with a simple-to-understand action plan on the areas they should review and address to provide the best level of compliance.


Does your office have a separate storage area under lock and key for Rx items like anesthetic, fluorides or any product for that matter that has an Rx symbol and National Drug Code (NDC) on the box or label?  Do you know what Transaction Documents (aka T3 or pedigree papers) are and how to make them “readily available” if asked by an inspector?  In our experiences, most dental offices would say “No” which could lead to violations and costly penalties. Not knowing is not a good defense, so here at Florida DentalRx, our goal is to educate you on the laws detailed below and focus on the regulations that apply to dental practices in Florida.

  1. Chapter 499, Florida Drug and Cosmetic Act
  2.  Chapter 61N-1, Regulations for Drugs, Devices and Cosmetics
  3. Chapter 456 Section 44, Health Professions and Occupations: Controlled Substance Prescribing
  4. CS/CS/House Bill 21: Controlled Substances

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